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fragments of jewel rock & feather
Selective Memory
It was about the notion of memory and what's remembered and forgotten.
The small fragments, (bits of memory), formed links to large scale paintings, which incorporated found objects,
mirrors and slivers of architectural and emotional landscapes. A friend later loaned me a book by
Rebecca Solnit, "A Field Guide to Getting Lost", in it, Sonit quotes a passage which resonates,
"what is a ruin, afterall? It is a human construction abandoned to nature, and one of the allures of
ruins in the city is that of "wilderness"; a place full of promise of the unknown with all its epiphanies and
dangers." My epiphany was the continuation of unearthing experience and
painting the memories.
                                 mementos of shadow and feather                                                        sentimental yearning for home       
selective memory & mirror                                                                roots of feather & stone      
transitory nature of feather & myth                                                            reconstruction of events            
in a dream of glass and mirror                                                                     backing up to see forward
         continuation of fragments                                    departed into gold                                        kindle the light of yesterday
fragments of memory miniatures