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Karmic Series
This series was inspired through a chance meeting with a business person.
The result, was the creation of a body of work which challenged how I was painting up to that point.
It raised the level of professionalism in my work as an artist. I knew I could paint
but the opportunity to work uninterrupted on a series of paintings over a prolonged period of time
was not a reality. There were too many restrictions so this opportunity was what I needed to fully investigate and experiment in a process. The relationship disintegrated later, but I have to acknowledge,
it guided my work in a completely new direction, thus, the karmic experience, lay inside these
brief intense exchanges. The experience eventually changed everything I thought about myself as
an artist and the result can be felt in the paintings. They were a karmic unfolding of what had
been planted and would continue for many years.
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sacred vessels                                                                selective memory